the restaurant

The Stone House at Stirling Ridge believes in incredible, fresh ingredients prepared simply. With Stone House’s on-site Dancing Goat Farm, a garden managed and operated by Chef Drake himself, the culinary team at Stone House enjoys the ability to truly craft delectable dishes from start to finish. Chef Drake boasts that the Jersey tomatoes in his salads are harvested fresh from the farm to your plate in minutes, making for a true farm-to-fork experience which has helped to name Stone House one of the best NJ restaurants. The vast majority of ingredients used in our menus are not only from our on-site farm, but from other local farms and purveyors as well. Stone House also has the privilege of using fresh produce from its newly erected hydroponic greenhouse, allowing Chef Drake to enhance his dishes with fresh produce even during the cold winter months. Providing attention to detail, and being responsive to his diners needs, Chef Drake prepares versatile cuisines with seasonal offerings and robust flavors. The vast menu, which ranges from wood-fired pizzas to foie gras to sushi, has something for everyone to savor. Come join us for dinner to see why Stone House at Stirling Ridge is one of the best NJ restaurants.

To make a reservation for dinner please call 908.754.1222