The Restauraunt

Written on 05/05/2020
Tommy Rausch

Warm & Inviting, where Guests are Pampered by Top-Notch Staff . One of the most unique dining experiences in New Jersey

The Liberty House restaurant, with unmatched panoramic views of New York City, combines metro chic with understated elegance creating the perfect dining experience. Renowned for its beautiful decor, exquisite setting, and outstanding service; the Liberty House is one of the best NJ restaurants. Using only the freshest ingredients to create their gourmet seasonal menus, every dish is sure to impress.

Our team at Liberty House is dedicated to the farm-to-table movement, understanding that fresh food is makes for delicious cuisine. Executive Chef Ken Trickilo uses ingredients fresh from local farms and purveyors in the Garden State for all of his menus, ranging from Sunday brunches to extravagant wedding receptions.

Our chef also uses fresh vegetables and herbs from the Dancing Goat Farm, a garden operated by Liberty House’s sister property, Stone House at Stirling Ridge. This local organic farming cooperative is an excellent source for Liberty House to use seasonally harvested produce for its menus. During the winter months, Chef Trickilo uses a hydroponic farm to use farm-fresh ingredients in his dishes year round. With this approach in mind, Liberty House is able to bring all the flavors of the season throughout the year to provide guests with a dining experience that is second to none in the area.