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Written on 04/16/2020
Tommy Rausch

Over the last 20 years, we built Landmark Hospitality from one venue to twelve; always viewing our greatest accomplishment to be our team of memorymakers.  Our commitment has always been to offer an environment where team members feel safe, valued, respected and know they have opportunities. We know if we tak care of our memorymakers they would in turn take care of you, our guest. Although we are spread out over 2 states we are the Landmark family, all committed to warm hospitality and creating memorable experiences for you.
Throughout the years we worked as a team to get through some tough times; 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, 2008 financial downturn as well as personal situations such as fires, deaths and sickness. As a team, we are always able to pull together and help wherever needed. Some of our proudest moments are those where in the eyes of tragedy we prevailed.  We became stronger as a team and more determined to continue to help those during times of need. In a matter of a few short weeks the COVID-19 crisis has created the imaginable and has deeply affected many on our team.  With our restaurants and event spaces closed there are just not enough hours to offer everyone.  Although we are committed to doing everything we can to help during these time, we need your help. 

We’re so excited to roll out our “Landmark Experience” Vouchers. Each $100 you donate to this page entitles you to join up to one of our exciting Landmark Experiences which will be hosted at each of our restaurants. Even better, 100% of money raised will be allocated to our hourly employees. 

Join 1 or join 10, each experience promises a great time, great people, great food and most of all. allows you to help those memorymakers who have always served you so well.

We will be reaching out via email to let you know dates and times of events. Reservations will be necessary to allow us to be properly prepared and all events will take place between re-opening and the end of the year. 


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Be well and thank you for your generous donations!

-Jeanne and Frank Cretella,
Co-Presidents of Landmark Hospitality