giving back

Written on 01/01/2020
Tommy Rausch

The Mission of the Art of Hospitality Workers Alliance foundation is to support the needs and dreams of hospitality workers by offering career paths, growth opportunities and propelling career advancement while offering financial support.

We are committed to acting as a safety net to hospitality workers in Hudson and Union Counties and believe that the hospitality industry is one that provides endless opportunities for all.  It is an industry which has no bias, and an individual’s achievements are limitless as long asthey possess a willingness to learn and have a passion for giving.

School and Business Incubator

We have created a well-respected Hospitality School and a Business Incubator that introduces the underemployed and unemployed to entry level positions in Hospitality. This is all reinforced with the inclusion of life skill classes such as Financial Literacy, ESL (English Second Language) and GED offered to all.

Art of Hospitality additionally helps those already in the industry unravel their potential and grow their talents and business, thus being afforded the opportunity for advancement. This is achieved through higher level classes and coaching. The Hospitality Entrepreneur who is starting their career will have available space, guidance and access to opportunities to help to grow their start up and hence prosper in New Jersey

Caring for Our Fellow Hospitality Workers

The second part of our Mission is to act as a platform for giving to our fellow Hospitality Workers who need assistance. This assistance includes both emergency funds for legal, immigration, tragedies such as fire or medical.  Additionally, we are committed to providing financial assistance to allow for career and personal development. We will be giving out 5 scholarships per year to individuals who will transfer from our Certificate Program to one of our higher education partners, Hudson County Community College and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Both colleges will accept our certificate towards graduation credits.