Raphaella Valentina - EVENT STYLIST

Written on 11/06/2019
Tommy Rausch

Growing up in Essex County, NJ and New York City, Raphaella has an extensive creative and business-oriented background and has found much success in sales. She Started out in the fashion industry at a young age which has molded her work ethic. This sparked her desire to create, design, and find all the little details that turn something great into something extraordinary. During her career in fashion she opened and owned three retail stores and international e-commerce stores. In planning fashion events Raphaella found she enjoyed the aspects of planning and transitioned to planning corporate and wedding events. She specializes in assisting with the opening of new venues; from selling events pre-construction, assisting with the logistics of how events will run, all the way through putting standard operating procedures into place and enforcing them. Her dedication to creating a memorable experience is unmatched.